A good salvage company should be able to do more than simply remove and sell stock.

At Allied Salvors our services are as varied as the types of insurance policies written.

• Immediate response / on-site consultation

• Post loss inventories (commercial & residential)

• Post theft inventories for balance of value

• Value verification on merchandise

• Damage appraisals on stocks retained by insured

• Asset protection & temporary warehousing

• Managing the sale of distressed property

When it comes to selling salvage, we utilize various methods.
The method of sale varies from loss to loss, depending on the circumstances.

• We can negotiate a sale with a specific buyer with whom we have had past success.

• We can hold a sealed bid sale inviting several buyers whom may have an interest.

• We can offer the merchandise for sale on the internet.

At Allied Salvors, we believe that insurance adjusters and risk managers should expect nothing less than prompt service, accurate reporting and maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time with minimal expense.

We are qualified appraisers with extensive knowledge and experience in the damageability and market values of all types of goods and commodities.

We maintain current insurance policies and procedures, keeping up with new regulations that may affect the disposition of salvage.

Allied Salvors carries all of the proper insurance coverages including general liability and errors & omissions insurance.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time with minimal expense. That's the Allied Salvors way.